The Happenings!

Schedule TBA -- watch here and TOOOL Chicago's twitter @TOOOLChicago
Time: 13:00 - 20:00, 14-OCT-2017

Food provided, feel free to bring a dish (especially if you are a good cook, has special dietary needs/envies etc), BYOB

  • 1 PM - Event OPEN!
  • 2 PM- Beginner's Intro to Lockpicking.
  • 3 PM- "Open Sesamee" by Max Power
  • 4 PM- "The True Story of the 3D printed TSA Keys" by Johnny Xm4s
  • 5 PM- The Field Notes Briefcase Challenge
  • 530 PM - 7PM - Chicago Locksport OPEN! lockpicking competition. (Bring a vise if you want to use one).
  • 9PM- Official Events ends, possible shenanigans elsewhere.
  • Food will probably be after five...

Rules for the competition!

  1. You can use a vise. But you must provide your own.
  2. You cannot manipulate the back of the lock (in the case of padlocks this won’t be applicable). You have to place some form of turning tool in the front of the lock to provide tension. No “tail tension” with hands or placing a tension tool in the back of the lock.
  3. Prior to the announcement of “GO” you can position the lock in your hand or a vise, and you can place tools on the table, but you cannot pick up or place any tools (turning tools or picks) until the “GO” command.
  4. Picking only. No bypass tools, comb picks, telekinesis, or the like.
  5. The first round will consist of four locks per table. For this explanation we are going to assume 16 participants, four tables of four participants. People will randomly be placed at each table. There will be four rounds, so each person at the table will have to try each lock.
  6. When the first round is called, each person will have a lock in front of them. When “GO” is called you will have up to 8 minutes to open your lock. When/if you open your lock, shout out “OPEN!” and the officiator will call out your time, show the open lock to someone on the table, and then lock it. Write down the time on your sheet.
  7. When the 8 minute mark is reached it is “TOOLS DOWN.” Make sure it is locked, pass your lock to the left (clockwise), and repeat. 8. Once all four rounds are complete, each table will declare a winner. The person who picked the most locks wins. If there is a tie, the person with the shortest overall time wins. Remember that time isn’t decimal.
  8. Regardless of results, you keep the last lock you were picking as a prize. TOOOL Chicago members will have the keys if you want them.
  9. The winner from each table will then advance to the finals. The same thing will happen with harder locks. In the event that no one opens their lock, or there are weird ties, we will compare the first round scores to determine 1st-3rd place.